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Full-Year Payment
Half-Year Payment

Violin Half-School Year Payment: $81 **                                      

Viola  Half-School Year Payment : $99                                      

Cello  Half-School Year Payment: $162                                     

FULL SCHOOL YEAR (Fall & Spring Term)  Violin:  $155**

FULL SCHOOL YEAR (Fall & Spring Term)  Viola:  $190

FULL SCHOOL YEAR (Fall & Spring Term)  Cello:  $314

       Variable Amount Payments-                   Book, Binder &                      Violin/Viola Shoulder Sponge

Give your child the gift of music with our affordable and convenient string rental progam.

SUMMER TERM  Violin:  $54

SUMMER TERM  Viola:  $66

SUMMER TERM  Cello:  $108

  Use this variable amount button for Invoice Payments, Books, $5 Binder fee and shoulder sponge for violin and/or viola.

**3rd grade violin students need to add $5 Binder fee and $5 Shoulder sponge fee.  The binder is filled with music the students will learn, information for parents and much more.

4th Grade strings will need to add $9 for  Essential Elements, Volume 1

5th Grade strings  add $8 for Basic Fiddlers Philharmonic Celtic Fiddle Tunes

fees and payment

 SUMMER  Term Payment is due JUNE  15, 2018

Pay Pal buttons for  safe and secure on-line payments are below.

You may choose to pay for one Term or the entire school year.  Fees include insurance.