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String Instrument Rental

                                               NEW!!!     This year-there are 2 ways to sign up for strings!

1.  Fill out the form on the Contract page, then go to Fees and Payment page, and send in payment through PayPal.

 You do not need to come to the meeting. 


 2. Come to BURNS SCHOOL GYM on  Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 13, 2018  6:00pm 

      If you register on-line you do not need to attend the meeting.  Your child was measured as part of the in-school violin demonstration process, so does not need to come to the meeting with you. 


Please see "fees and payment" page for information on fees and payment options.

GRADES 4-5  RETURNING STRINGS  INSTRUMENT PICK-UP  CK Burns MUSIC ROOM   Wednesday, Sept. 12  5-7PM.  Students do not need to attend.  Payment must be made in order to pick up the instrument.  Just follow directions for #1 above.  You will need to fill out the form on the Contract page in case any information has changed.  

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